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Marceline The Vampire Queen

Marceline Abadeer
What makes this half-demon/half-vampire who is over a millennium old tick?  Her character is deeper than first appearances would suggest.   Finn and Jake first encounter her as an enemy but this quickly evolves into a close friendship.

Marceline does consider herself half-demon, which may be a major contribution to her longevity. However, this side does not give her any magical powers or abilities such as flight and transformation as well as a similar eternal youth to her father, which she appears to have gained due to her vampire powers.

Marceline’s past is revealed throughout several Adventure Time episodes such as “Evicted”, “Daddy’s Little Monster” and “Memory of a Memory” , to name only a few.  Throughout these episodes, we not only learn that she is over 1,000 years old but we capture glimpses of her past.  One of her memories shows her as a young girl playing near the burning ruins of a city in the aftermath of the Mushroom War.  We learn that Marceline knew the Ice King by the end of the war and that he gave her Hambo, her beloved stuffed toy which she had loved ever since she was a child, when she replaced its left eye with a button from her jumper and her last piece of thread. While she was sewing the button onto him, she said, "I'm hurting you because I love you."
Hambo, Marceline's beloved stuffed bear, given to her by Simon (the Ice King)

Marceline’s father is the demon who rules Nightosphere.  Her relationship with her father is strained.  We learn this when Finn witnesses a memory between Marceline and her father where he ate her fries in the ruins of a diner.  This memory reveals the moment when her relationship with her father is damaged which she sings about in her “Fry Song”.  Her relationship with her mother still remains a mystery at this point.

 The first memory chronologically where we see Marceline as a Vampire occurs when she moves into the Tree Fort that would later become the home of Finn and Jake, with her boyfriend Ash who she later dumps for selling her beloved stuffed Hambo. But, it’s unknown when or how Marceline exactly became a vampire…it’s revealed that she did not have a bite mark on her neck.


Marceline has many supernatural abilities, some of which are not traditionally associated with vampires and thus might be due to her half-demon heritage instead. She has been shown to possess the following powers:
  • Levitation: She has the ability to float and even to fly with careful control and rapid speed. She can even sleep while floating
  • Pyrokinesis: She can light fire with only her mind, as seen in when she lit up all the candles in the tree-house.
  • Telekinesis: She can move things using her mind
  •  Invisibility: She can turn invisible
  • Necromancy: She can raise the dead
  • Rapid healing: She appears to heal quickly from injuries, at least damage from sunlight (when she returns to a shaded area)
Shape-shifting: She has the ability to shape-shift into numerous monstrous forms, including a bat, a wolf, a reptilian creature, and a large tentacled monster.
  • Eating shades of red: Unlike traditional vampires, Marceline is capable of sustaining herself on "shades of red," such as the color in strawberries, rather than being limited to surviving on blood. She has claimed to "sometimes" consume blood, but this has never been proved or referenced again. 

In addition, when she wears the Nightopshere amulet, she gains the ability to shoot green lasers which either vaporize or transform whatever they hit. She can also create or transform into a large cloud of blood mist with the ability to shoot green lasers. She also gains the ability to devour souls. 


  • Bass player: She is an expert bass player.
  • Singer: She is a proficient singer.
  • Basketball player: She can play basketball and she is able to slam-dunk without using her floating abilities


Although Marceline has a wide array of powers and abilities, it is important to note that she has a vulnerability to direct sunlight (as is common in vampire lore). She does not dissolve right away, and is capable of unrestricted movement on a sunny day, so long as she shields herself. She accomplishes this with a combo of a parasol, a ridiculously large sunhat, and sometimes a set of full-length gloves to cover her arms.
Marceline states that going around on a sunny day still hurts mildly (regardless of protection), but is comparable to scraping a knee. Exposure to direct sunlight would cause Marceline to painfully melt into a pile of vampire goo, although if she is able to seek a shaded area, she will quickly heal within minutes.

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