Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Background Beauts

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the "unreal" (though more than real) backdrops in this show? Because damn,that is one fiiinely drawn mountain right there.

When you're watching an episode of Adventure Time, it's easy to overlook the simple, yet extremely intricate backgrounds in favour of the crazy characters and faced-paced action of the show.

But I always like to look at Adventure Time as a piece of art; there are real people behind the drawings of Adventure Time...real artists. Artists with the capability of designing entire new worlds and of incorporating tiny details and nuances that hint as to how it came about.

 So who does it?

One of the central background designers for Adventure Time is Ghostshrimp (also known as Dan James and Daniel Bandit). He has worked on the show since the beginning with Pendleton Ward and drew the Tree fort, the Candy Kingdom, the map of Ooo, and many of the landscapes showcased throughout the show. He worked on the first three and a half seasons, and then left the show midway through the fourth.

Even though the show's primary backdrop artist has moved on, the whimsical nature of Adventure Time remains intact.  The scenery continues to be intricately detailed and vivid, sparking the imagination of all who partake in the magic of the show.

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