Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Episode 1

Slumber Party Panic

The opening scene begins with Jake playing with his girlfriend, Lady Rainicorn. In the cemetery, Princess Bubblegum (referred to as "PB") has devised a plan to revive candy people from the dead. Finn watches as PB concocts a Serum, eventually adding her final ingredient: explosive diarrhea. Finn then hands PB a tray...inside lay the corpse of a decaying Mr. Cream Puff. She pours a few drops of Serum on Mr. Cream Puff, but instead of reviving to a healthy candy person, something horrible happens...He turns into a sugar-craving zombie who, in the frenzy, knocks the Serum onto the graves of the other deceased candy people and attacks PB. The decaying candy people claw their way from the from the Earth and head towards the Candy Kingdom in a lust for sugar. 
Finn and PB run to the Kingdom in an effort to protect her townspeople.  PB rings the bell sending notice for all candy people to go to the Candy Palace immediately where they are invited to a special slumber party.  PB confides to Finn that the slumber party is a ruse to keep the Candy people from freaking out over the Zombies.  Apparently Candy people explode when they become afraid.  PB forces Finn to make a royal promise to her not to tell the Candy people about the zombies. Finn almost lets the cat out of the bag when Jake accidentally overhears Finn asking PB if he can confide in Jake.  Finn plays it cool and averts a disaster here!  
Finn attempts to keep the Candy people distracted by playing games such as Truth or Dare and 7 Minutes in Heaven.  Finn glances out the window and sees the zombies fast approaching.  He hastily creates a fictional game called Blockado.  They proceed to block up all of the windows and doors thinking it a game.  Finn uses strips of a nearby Taffy Girl as blindfolds for the Candy people.

 As the zombies burst through the barricades, Finn shouts "smash the pinatas!" and the Candy people proceed to bash in the zombies and consume their sweet innards.  
Once the dust has settled, Finn feels a false sense of security and reveals his royal promise to Jake.  The Gumball Guardians awaken and take Finn and PB outside  where Finn must face trial by fire for breaking his promise.  Finn must answer a complex math question or die (impossible for mathematically challenged Finn).  But one of the Guardians reconsiders and amends the question to "What is 2 + 2?". 

Finn hesitates, and answers 4.  The Guardians' heads explode and Finn and PB are returned back to their reality safely.  
PB discovers the missing piece of her serum.  She quickly creates it and revives the dead zombies back as Candy people.
Starchy releases a candy laced fart and the episode ends on a sweet scent.

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  1. If you had to invite the characters of this show to a kegger, who do you think would try to sneak in and who would pay?