Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Locations, Locations...

The Nightosphere

The Nightosphere in an alternate dimension in The land of Ooo. It is essentially  Adventure Time's equivalent to Hell. It's inhabited by Hunson Abadeer (who doubles as the ruler of the Nightosphere and Marceline's Dad) and an enormity of other demonic entities. 

The Nightosphere first appeared in the episode "It came from the Nightosphere", where a portal was formed in Marceline's house and led to a land engulfed in fire. The location was later established in "Return to the Nightosphere" and later in "Daddy's Little Monster", where it was portrayed as a demonic wasteland immersed in constant chaos. The only way to escape the Nightosphere is by going through a portal in Hunson's house.

How to Get To The Nightosphere

1. Draw a happy face (it must be a Phil Face) on any surface
2. Drench the face in bug milk
3. Chant, "Maloso vobiscum et cum spiritum!"
4. Enter portal

                            The Phil face and bug milk


  • The chant you have to perform to enter the Nightosphere, "Maloso vobiscum et cum spiritum", translates from Latin to"Evil be with you and with your spirit." This could be considered a reference to Catholic liturgy, where a priest says, "Dominus vobiscum" ("The Lord be with you"), and the congregation replies, "et cum spiritu tuo" ("and with your spirit)
  • In one of the episodes where Finn is escaping the Nightosphere, he shouts out, "I'll  see you in the Nightosphere, you sick freak!", which bares resemblence to the phrase, "I'll see you in Hell"
  • The demons in the Nightosphere poop bananas...out of their ears

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Earl of Lemongrab


The Earl of Lemongrab is one of PB's failed experiments. PB noticed that Lemongrab's personality was off-putting, angry and just plain weird. Lemongrab expresses his feelings of alienation and frustrations at his inability to read social cues through his random outbursts and excessive yelling. His "sour" disposition is naturally repellent and prevents him from getting along with others (view video below).

PB tries to get Lemongrab to handle a baby Candy Person, but he doesn't know how and just gets frustrated

PB sent the Earl to live in Castle Lemongrab, where he lived a very sheltered and presumably wealthy life. He was raised by servants and received anything he asked for, which contributed to his ignorant attitude and his dysfunctional nature. He is completely adjusted to living with other people. Lemongrab can only function normally in a society where there is no conflict and everyone is under his command. In his perspective, his actions are not viewed as unreasonable; his people did not listen to him, so therefore they need to be punished (even if this means an eternity spent in prison over a simple disagreement).

Lemongrab is exceedingly sensitive to his own emotions, although he has very little empathy for others to the point of being unintentionally cruel and harmful. He seems to suffer from many mental and emotional issues and has difficulty expressing his feelings. Most often, Lemongrab reacts in the manner of a young, angry child.

The Earl is not evil; he has no intentional malice, but is perpetually confused as to what is "the right way" to interact with and treat others. He's portrayed as overly sensitive, high-strung and extremely touchy, but tries his best and is under the delusion that what he is doing is right. The Earl's temper and unhappiness stem from a combination of both his own willingness to stay bitter and the experiences that led him to becoming who he is.

In the episode "You Made Me", Lemongrab expresses his utter misery and loneliness over his isolation. PB then introduces him to a clone (Lemongrab 2), who is exactly like Lemongrab and whom he feels he can relate to. He finally becomes well-adjusted and happier. The pair then create children out of candy and food and demonstrate that they can show affection and love to others. Unfortunately, the pair have a falling out over one of their sons, Lemonsweets, and Lemongrab eats his clone brother. The Earl returns to his natural bitter state.

Lemongrab's falling out with Lemongrab 2 over a small disagreement...(refer to the video at the top)


  • Lemongrab is a lot younger than he appears; no one knows his exact age, though
  • He appears to have haphephobia (the fear of being touched)
  • He likes bland foods such as rice cakes and mashed carrots 
  • He is fond of the colours green and gray
  • He has a lemon camel for transportation
  • He has little to no sense of humour, but seems to try having one (albeit unsuccessfully) 
  • The Earl doesn't appear to think logically (he doesn't know where food comes from and sentences all of the Candy People to "one million years dungeon")
  • He's a neat-freak
  • He doesn't have any friends (PB made a clone-"Lemongrab 2", which Lemongrab thought of as tolerable for amount of time, until Lemongrab 2 infuriated him and Lemongrab ate his clone)

  • Many of his traits are similar to Asperger's Syndrome (or on the autism spectrum), including his photographic memory, his aversion to traditional touching, social-awkwardness and his difficulty empathizing with others and recognizing social cues
One of Lemongrab's many odd, experimental "children" - made of food